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It is important that treatment options are considered in the context of both clinical effectiveness and cost effectiveness

“Biologics for psoriasis are welcomed additions to the dermatologist’s armamentarium for treating this life-long condition. They provide scope for increased efficacy, less frequent dosing, improved adherence, and longer term persistence of effect. However, resources are not limitless in the NHS and difficult decisions must be made.” 1

Almirall has developed a tool to enable NHS localities to review and optimise their psoriasis drug spend. This tool, the Budget Impact Model (BIM), enables clinicians to tailor and compare treatment pathways in your locality.

In a healthcare locality with a patient population of 300,000, the estimated number of patients eligible for a biologic after being treated with or considered for adalimumab would be approximately 33 patients.

Adapted from Almirall data on file UK-IEDMF-2100004.2

Using this example, the BIM would allow you to compare the cost of treating these 33 patients with different biologic treatment options and help you understand the most cost-effective approach in line with NHS England advice on the use of the best value biologic.3

An example of what two different treatment pathways could cost you is shown opposite. 

Adapted from Almirall data on file UK-IEDMF-2100004.2

The BIM will provide you with a comprehensive report outlining the financial impact of your current treatment pathway compared with the proposed treatment pathway throughout 5 years, demonstrating any potential cost savings.

What could this type of saving mean for your local health economy?

Signing up to the Almirall risk share agreement could help your locality further

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UK-ILU-2100015  March 2021

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