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Service redesign tool

This innovative tool helps NHS localities understand their costs associated with managing psoriasis, identifies potential pressures in the system and outlines solutions.

The psoriasis pathwaypro® tool provides a highly visual and effective way of quantitatively and qualitatively demonstrating how innovative service changes or the use of new approaches and technologies can support efficiency improvements in psoriasis care and treatment pathways. The overview and report created by pathwaypro® outlines a new potential plan for delivering the service and creates the case for change.

Why should dermatology and commissioning teams ‘rethink’ their psoriasis care and treatment pathways? Why now?

Now more than ever, NHS stakeholders will be looking to reduce the demand on acute services by rethinking and redesigning the care pathway for dermatology. Enhancing patient experience, delivering financial balance, freeing up specialist time and managing the Covid-19 backlog will be central to most plans.

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See how pathwaypro® can help transform your psoriasis care and treatment pathways


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