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A dynamic tool to support the NHS achieve the funding and service design for the treatment of patients who would most benefit from Skilarence® (dimethyl fumarate). 

AlmirallAssist is a resource provided for dermatology specialists who want to realise the benefits of Skilarence® for their patients. The portal has been designed with experts from the NHS providing four key resources to support improved local prescribing, including:

  • Business case builder for Skilarence®
    Presenting a simple-to-use tool to build a funding business case for use of Skilarence® in patients with moderate to severe psoriasis to help prevent disease progression and avoid future biologics use.
  • Skilarence® shared care guidance
    Presenting downloadable information on how to set up and monitor a shared care arrangement with primary care clinicians for prescribing Skilarence® locally.
  • Skilarence® cost avoidance calculator
    This downloadable tool calculates the potential treatment cost avoidance by using Skilarence® in a group of patients with less severe psoriasis.
  • Using Blueteq® to request Skilarence® funding
    Giving downloadable guidance on how to request the use of Skilarence® through the Blueteq® portal, along with a quick link to access this system

Supporting better use of Skilarence® (dimethyl fumarate) through:

  • Compelling local funding requests
  • Clear shared care guidance
  • Cost avoidance calculator
  • Guidance in use of Blueteq®
To register for access to this portal please go to the following website:

For more information please contact your local Almirall Key Account Manager or email our AlmirallAssist team

UK-ILU-2100015   March 2021

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