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What is DermaExchange?

DermaExchange is a trusted medical dermatology space offering high quality educational and promotional content to healthcare professionals. Our meetings are known to be great opportunities for healthcare professionals to hear from leaders in dermatology and discuss and exchange insights.

What you can find here:

  • DermaExchange webcast series
  • DermaExchange meetings and events
  • DermaExchange interviews, videos and photos
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Meetings and Events

We host educational meetings all around the UK, take a look at some of our upcoming meetings and events!

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What can you expect at our meetings?

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Our face-to-face DermaExchange meetings provide a wealth of educational content on dermatology. They allow healthcare professionals to hear from experts in the field and share ideas and experiences. The topics are always relevant to clinical practice and our speakers are consistently rated as excellent or good.

Watch our 2022 Highlights video to get a feel of DermaExchange meetings and hear from some of the attendees.

Meeting Recordings

If you happen to miss out on one of our meetings or would like to re-watch any of our talks please have a look below 

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Dr John Lear – BCC subtypes, management of multiple lesions and latest guidelines

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Dr Tim Clayton – Paediatrics, genetics and childhood infection 

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Angela Tewari – Recent updates in skin of colour

Some words from our delegates


Listen, participate and learn with our webcasts, led by leaders in dermatology

Our most recent webcast

Watch our webcast on teledermatology services and optimising referral pathways chaired by Dr Claire Fuller.

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Feedback on DermaExchange meetings and webcasts

Rated the topics and speakers as excellent or good 99%

Topics relevent to clinical practice 100%

Likely to discuss content with colleagues 100%

Sufficient opportunity to ask questions 100%

Provided valuable clinical insight 100%

Quality of content excellent 100%

Topics covered comprehensively 88% or quite thoroughly 100%

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Interviews and Videos

Short videos and interviews taken at our meetings with experts in dermatology and meeting attendees

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Interview with Rino Cerio

Have a listen to what Rino Cerio, Consultant Dermatologist, Queen Mary University of London and Barts Health NHS Trust had to say about our Dermaexchange meeting in London

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Interview with Anshoo Sahota, Consultant Dermatologist, Barts Health

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Interview with Victoria Swale, Consultant Dermatologist, Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust

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